Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Linux Games: Extreme Tux Racer

Since upgrading to the beta version of Ubuntu Lucid I've rediscovered a classic Linux game: Extreme Tux Racer.  This game features the Linux mascot, Tux, sliding down the side of a mountain, collecting herring, avoiding trees, and going off jumps on his way to the finish line at the bottom.  It is a timed race (no other contestants involved), and you can start a campaign and work your way through a series of races or simply "practice" on any track you want.

I absolutely love insanely fast, out-of-control speed racing games such as this (I was a big fan of Star Wars Racer for the Nintendo 64 back in the day), and this is the perfect outlet for me.  Trying to keep Tux under control as he is screaming along a half-pipe of solid ice at breakneck speed while collecting herring and racing against the clock is such a blast.  The versions that have shipped with the last few releases of Ubuntu have added some great tracks to choose from (I recommend "In Search of Vodka" and "Candy Lane").

There are several other games for Linux that I want to write about at some point, but this is the one I caught myself playing this evening.  If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it (it is in the Ubuntu repos and the website is here).  Have fun!

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